Lizkebab is a botnet developed by Lizard Squad, and its source code was leaked on January 12, 2015.

Lizkebab是Lizard Squad开发的僵尸网络,于2015年1月12日被泄漏源代码。

It is generally believed that its debut is Lizard Squad's DDOS attack on the League of Legends North American server on August 19, 2014.

一般认为其第一次登场是2014年8月19日Lizard Squad对英雄联盟北美服务器的DDOS攻击。

However, the DDOS attack on MtGox on March 9, 2014, its botnet virus was caught by GeeksXtreme's honeypot.


After my analysis, the botnet virus is Lizkebab (signature string "StartTheLelz"), so the Lizkebab debut time was pushed forward to March 9, 2014.


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